Fab Bar – Escapologist Covent Garden

Have you tried the Escapologist bar in Covent Garden? ~ a cool basement bar serving flaming cocktails and with a happy hour 5-7pm

Book an area, hire the whole venue or talk to them about a corporate event http://www.escapologistbar.co.uk

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Liberty has extended its beauty hall

Liberty’s beauty hall has been extended – closing its doors in September for an extension – it now has beautiful big windows (found behind a wall they knocked down) and a blink bar – where you can have your eye brows done whilst you shop. The even bigger space means even more beauty and new brands such as Heliotropia and Biologique Recherche

Liberty london



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New Photographer in Town

There’s a new photographer in town via the name of Matt Stuart – every day he leaves home with his camera in hand ready to snap quirky photos of London life. Check out his website http://www.mattstuart.com

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Londoners spent £1.4 billion on take aways last year

lbn take aways

Can’t be arsed to cook tonight? We feel your pain. And so does everyone else in this city, apparently. According to research from Just Eat and the Centre for Economic and Business Research, Londoners spent a massive £1.4 billion on takeaways last year. While people in London spent the most in the UK, those in the north-east of England spent the least, at a measly £370 million. Come on guys, treat yourself to a chicken korma every once in a while. But we’re not just stuffing our faces with boring margarita pizzas and family-sized buckets of fried chicken – the research shows that last year, orders of piri-piri-spiced food grew by 130 percent and orders of sushi increased by 110 percent in the capital. So it seems we’re not as obsessed with #cleaneating as all those expertly filtered pictures of kale smoothies on Instagram would have us believe. Anyone for a cheeky Nando’s?

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London opens an alcohol free bar in Notting Hill

lbn alcohol free bar

An alcohol-free bar sounds like the ultimate oxymoron (what next, food-free restaurants?), but in this case, Redemption’s philosophy of ‘spoiling yourself without spoiling yourself’ has wowed enough people to land the former pop-up its first permanent residence in Notting Hill. Opening on August 10, the bar is aimed at a brigade of healthy foodies happy to quaff liquour-less cocktails like apple mockjitos and tomato tonics. They’ll also be serving up dishes designed by nutritionists that steer clear of sugar, wheat, dairy and meat. And hands up, we’re sort of liking the dairy-free, sugar-free, guilt-free ice-cream sundaes with summer berries. Just look at it! We’ll take four.

lbn alcohol free bar ii

With hashtags like #healthylife #eatclean and #healthyishappy gaining plenty of traction nowadays, Redemption is hardly the most terrible concept in the world – and if anything, it could be the start of a revolution led by vegans and teetotallers who finally feel vindicated for their life choices. But that might just be crazy talk. It’s intriguing all the same, so to find out more, visit the Redemption website.

Redemption, 6 Chepstow Road, W2 5BH  




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13 Fantastic tube strike offers

lbn tube strike offers

We have mixed feelings about #tubestrikeoffers. On the one hand, we don’t want to trivialise the importance of the strikes for the employees involved. On the other, we love free chocolate. Here are some of the best discounts and freebies available for you over the next 36 hours.

1. Free tea and homemade biscuits

Head to the Goodge Street window of the Newman Street Tavern to pick up free tea and biscuits between 7.30am and 5.30pm on Thursday. Only downside: you have to say the words ‘hashtag Tfl tea’ to get it. Ew.

2. Free Cadbury’s chocolate delivered to your office

App Gett is using the tube strikes as the prime-time to advertise its fleet of motorbike-driving ‘knowledge boys’. They’ll deliver you a free sharing bag of Cadbury Twirl Bites to Shoreditch, Clerkenwell, the City, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Belgravia and Kensington between 10am and 3pm.

3. Half-price pizza

Worship Street’s newest pizza joint Pizzabuzz is offering 50 percent off pizzas for anyone who tweets @PizzaBuzz using the #tubestrike hashtag. You just have to show your tweet at the till on Wednesday and Thursday.

4. Get 50 percent off at Salt Yard Group

Get half-price food at Salt Yard, Opera Tavern, Dehesa or Ember Yard when you quote ‘tube strike’ while making a booking. The offer’s valid until 11.30pm on Thursday.

5. £3 pints at The Big Easy

Switch commuter stress for drinks with mates. The Covent Garden joint’s doing £3 pints of Meantime Brewery lager, £5 slushies and £5 bar bites.

6. Get 20 percent off Dirty Bones deliveries

Order a plate of American comfort food via app Deliveroo and you’ll get 20 percent off until tomorrow evening.

7. Get 25 percent off Camino tapas

Quote SAUCE while booking a table at any Camino joint for a delicious discount. It also works at the bar.

8. Complimentary punch at Cahoots

You just need to show your Oyster card tonight!

9. Free buses!

Ride a free bus between Liverpool Street and King’s Cross until 8pm today (Wednesday). You’ll get free wifi, power and refreshments. Just follow travel app @getample to find out more.

10. Free showers!

Show your Oyster Card at a Fitness First club tomorrow and you’ll be able to shower or train in the gym for free. Use the hashtag #FFKeepMoving for more deets.

11. Free rickshaws!

App Payfriendz is offering free rickshaw rides when you download the app and use it to message the contact #SurviveTheStrike.

12. Cheap AddisonLees

The cab firm isn’t going to charge when journey time is extended by #tubestrike traffic.

13. And our personal favourite…

Get a £20 discount on a detoxing colonic at Feel Good Balham tomorrow.

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You got laid off – now what?

lbn you go tlaid off

There’s no way to sugarcoat it and nothing fun about receiving the news. But it’s a reality many people deal with at some point. It’s important that you understand how to handle your changing job situation and know what you can do to bounce back from a layoff.

1. Keep your emotions in check.

It’s not advice you want when you’re cleaning out your office and want to cry, rage at your boss, or send off a nasty email to that obnoxious coworker you’ve put up with for the last three years. As much as we all love Harry Potter, now is not the best time to “do a Weasley.”

It’s a small professional world, so don’t burn bridges or throw a temper tantrum that could haunt you on your upcoming job search. Be gracious with others in your office. You need to keep your calm so you can negotiate a severance package and request a recommendation from your boss.

2. Stay positive.

Don’t panic or start thinking the worst when you learn about getting laid off. Instead, think positive thoughts of this as an opportunity to find something better.

This is your chance to score a job that allows you to display your talents, to find a position with higher pay, or to head off on your own as a freelancer or entrepreneur.

That’s not all fluffy talk meant to make you feel better. There really is power in positive thinking—or at least, the ability to avoid the effects of negative thinking. When you think negatively, you’re less likely to see opportunities as they come up or unique solutions to your current problems.

3. Apply for unemployment.

If you got laid off, you can file for unemployment benefits. This can help you get through the period between jobs, and can help your emergency fund or other savings last longer.

You’ll want to do this as soon as possible, because finding a new, paying position immediately after you leave your old job doesn’t always happen. It may take a few weeks or months to find the right job for you—and it can also take a few weeks for your unemployment benefits to get to you, too.

4. Consider your next act.

Remember, this is an opportunity to do something new and different if you choose. You need a new position and will search for a new job; before you do, think about what you want it to look like.

You don’t have to do the same thing you were doing (unless you want to, of course!). Consider what kind of career you want to have and what you need to do now to achieve your goals.

You may want to use this gap in employment to take a few courses or enroll in a training program. Maybe you can spend some time volunteering or learning a skill that’s always interested you.

Depending on your financial situation, this could be the perfect opportunity to turn a side hustle into a full-time business—or to see if you can monetize a current hobby.

5. Check on your resume and online presence.

Before starting to network, looking for new opportunities, or searching for jobs, you need to make sure your resume is accurate, polished, and updated. You also need to check on your online platforms—like a portfolio website, LinkedIn account, and other social media networks—to ensure these display correct and current information. This is especially true if you did decide to add to your education or experience first!

Regardless, it’s easy to let these things slide while you’re employed and not searching for a job. Take some time to spruce up these assets before connecting with potential employers or connections who could provide job leads.

6. Turn to your network for support.

When you’re prepared to get out there and score your new dream job, start with the people who are already in your network. Ask friends and family about potential openings. Talk with colleagues and connections to learn about new leads.

Don’t just ask for favours with your professional network. You can offer to collaborate with them on projects on the side while you look for work, or volunteer to help in other ways. Not only will you get on their radar but you’ll actively prove you can talk the talk and walk the walk.

You’re much more likely for someone in your network to provide you a referral or to set you up with a potential employer if they’ve had experience in working with you in some capacity.



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